by Lesser Men

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Debut 5-song EP from Lesser Men.


released January 11, 2014

Written and performed by Lesser Men.
Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Mike Moschetto of The Office Recording.
Artwork and design by Robert DeMayo.



all rights reserved


Lesser Men Holyoke, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Wave Walker
'Till death do we part/
But that’s not nearly enough/
For I will be with her/
Even after we are gone/
She left/
She left/
My co-dependent/
My life, my bride/
When I was home, she would fight it/
But when I was gone, she would invite it/
My darling didn't try to carry on with her life/
But the sadness became too much/
And depression got the best of her/
The wife of a merchant sailor/
Followed her husband to sea/
Leaving the same port he had departed/
She slowly walked into the waves/
Even as they crashed at her face/
Soon submerged she continued on/
She would swim to him or she would drown//
Track Name: Thanatos
So I sailed on/
I tried to forget her face/
But it wasn't that simple/
And I struggled every day/
I then lived in denial/
Turning to blame myself/
And for a while/
I tried my best to erase her/
But she enveloped my thoughts/
And consumed the dark parts of my mind/
I searched for an escape/
And the sea brought me comfort/
So I sailed on/
But it wasn't long/
Until I felt her absence/
And I tried to take my life/
I held the blade to my wrist/
Purposeless, I pushed it in/
The memories came flooding back/
Her empty casket buried alone/
But my soul clung to my body/
And I grew old in age/
I’ve been sailing/
For quite some time/
Waiting to leave this place/
Waiting to see her face/
With no crew, no crew/
I will see her soon/
No crew, no crew/
I will see you soon/
Track Name: Void of Tongue
I awoke on the shore of a river/
When I noticed a light in the distance/
So I approached that faint glow/
To find a man with a lamp in his outstretched hand/
He stood on a vessel/
Held afloat by passed men’s souls/
And he turned to me/
So with the voice of the deceased/
He then spoke to me/
About death and eternity/
Of the way men live and die/
And how their death reflects their lives/
And as I went to reply/
He saw an absence/
And he sent me away/
He sent me away/
So I wandered the stones of the shore/
Until my feet grew weary/
Haven’t I waited long enough/
I’ve already lived my life alone/
I was void of tongue/
I was just a coin away/
Oh god, I was so close/
He then spoke to me/
About death and eternity/
Of the way men live and die/
And how their death reflects their lives/
And as I went to reply/
He helped me aboard/
And we cast away/
We cast away/
Just a river’s distance from your embrace/
I can almost taste your breath/
Track Name: Resting Place
I put everything I am/
And everything I have/
Into finding someone/
Who didn’t have the decency to consider me/
Before she took herself/
From the rest of the living world/
I put all I am/
And all I have/
Into finding you/
Into finding you/
Track Name: Drifter
I know it’s almost forlorn to hope/
I’ll find you in this stream of souls/
But I rarely did give up/
And I hope to the gods that I won’t/
So I walked to the shoreline/
I stepped into the current/
I feel the spirits swimming/
I can feel their torment/
As they break at my ankles/
We exchange 400 years/
I’ve started to think differently/
You left me above/
With no reason to live/
You left me alone/
And caused all of my grief/
You drifted away in your agony/
Choosing to spend your eternity/
Sinking in your own sorrow/
But then again/
You were my everything/
Earthbound and otherwise/
But then again/
You were my only love/
And I had no other choice/
But to search/
Here I stand in the river Styx/
Celestial beings wash over and under me/
And I feel your essence/
Oh, how I’ve longed for this moment/
For hundreds of years/
I can see you drifting/
Into stagnant water/
I fight my way to you/
But the tide pulls me under/
I stand at the rivers’s fork/
Watching your soul depart/
Shall I join you in your suffering/
Or shall I suffer alone/