by Lesser Men

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Nicholas Bushnell
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Nicholas Bushnell The lyrics are incredibly written on Reverse Temperament. Good job guys. Favorite track: Reverse Temperament.
Martin H-M
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Martin H-M Lesser Men are some of the realest dudes around and one of the best melodic hardcore bands you'll find. Love these guys till I die. Support the homies. Favorite track: Reverse Temperament.
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Sophomore EP by New England experimental post-hardcore band Lesser Men.


released April 4, 2015

Written and performed by
Lesser Men

Recorded and engineered by
Mike Moschetto at the Office Recording

Mixed and mastered by
Jay Maas at Getaway Recording

Additional recording by
Chris Yeterian

Additional vocals by
Greg Marquis of Actor|Observer
Chris Yeterian

Artwork by
Robert DeMayo



all rights reserved


Lesser Men Holyoke, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Reverse Temperament
I hang my head/
And abandon all optimism that I once had/
And I view the world much differently than I ever did/
I just see life for what it really is/
And I don't think I'm making any true progress/
I don't try to better how I felt/
I've never asked for help/
I just stay at home feeling sorry for myself/
I don't know why I get this way/
I've got friends and a loving family/
But I pretend that they're gone/
Then I wonder why I feel alone/
I've never understood how someone could just take their own life/
But now I think of that act every waking moment of mine/
I'm not saying I would do the same/
I just feel empathy/
For I now know apathy/
Because it envelops me/
Dear friend you've opened my eyes/
To the darker side of life/
And I'm not blaming you at all/
I'm just saying that without you/
I would still be naive/
I would still be happy/
But I'm not/
And I never will be/
I can never go back/
To a positive perspective on the life I live/
Track Name: Zaleplon
No rest is found when I lay my body down/
Yet day after day I sleep the light away/
And I know it sounds like I've brought this on myself/
But even when I'm awake I just search for an escape/
I wish it was a little easier/
To just give up/
Albeit true "I'm just tired" is still an excuse/
Due to my sleeplessness the bags under my eyes/
Match the burdens on my back in weight and in size/
Because whether I'm awake or asleep boxing the black dog/
Is what occupies me this is how I spend my nights/
Night after night/
I'm tearing myself down/
Track Name: False Integrity
You were handed everything on a silver platter/
But not all you touch turns to gold/
And it saddens me that you think/
Your fathers money can buy you something so sincere/
But does it really have value and does it truly take heart/
Or are you just selling yourself as something you're not/
Because I can honestly say that I love what I've got/
It may not be as shiny or abundant, but it's worth as much/
I don't understand how you've pulled this off/
Somehow you've convinced nearly everyone/
But the worst part is, you had to justify this to yourself/
Where is the sweat on your brow/
Where is the dirt on your hands/
Your bloody knuckles/
Where is the crack in your heart/
If you're as true as you say/
Tell me where they are/
If you're so genuine/
Where is your proof, your scars/
Track Name: On Wax
I have found the modern myth/
Discovered in the lie you call fellowship/
Thank you for showing me where I stand/
Because I now know I'm insignificant/
I hope you know you are not my friend/
After I've witnessed this one hundred times/
I should have seen it coming/
But to my genuine surprise/
I found you holding the knife/
The blade pierced my skin/
The blood ran down my back/
Brotherhood is dead/
Along with the decent man/
You're a betrayer/
Track Name: Loathe
Define this how you want/
I will define any ties as lost/
Honestly this comes as a relief/
I knew one day you should ruin me/
I wish you had stayed asleep/
On the steps of your back porch/
Just a few more pills/
Would have been perfect/
You twisted every word, oh so perfectly/
And I'm sure it comes, oh so naturally/
You had everyone right where you wanted them/
I wish we had never met/
I hope you feel guilt you snake/
You have caused nothing but negativity/
Track Name: Wichita
Your mother, your sister, your daughter/
All played an equal part/
In the breakdown that I witnessed/
In the back of the car/
I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do/
I'm sorry, I didn't know what to say to you/
But it was not your fault/
So please stop blaming yourself/
She came here on her own/
And she knows you wished you were there/
The city Wichita may remind you of your loss/
You must know your heart was in the right place for Diane/
And when the bad thoughts come, just look to your granddaughter/
For she is the memento that all life renews/
For she is the memorial of your closet friend/